Young Plumbing & Excavation Pty. Ltd.

The company was formed in 2007 and has had substantial growth since.

We now contract our machinery to companies such as Eagle Alliance & M&K Earthmoving as well as contracting our plumbing and drainage services to several main stream development companies such as, Deluca Corporation, Boss Constructions, Walter Design Homes, C & R Darville, SLK Constructions, Mint Construct, DJ Built and Multi 21 Pty Ltd, all of whom cover a wide range of residential, commercial and civil work all over Queensland.

Our Vision

We began this company with the vision to be a “one stop shop” for all plumbing (civil included) services, for both residential and commercial developers.

Each year since our commencement we have grown by acquiring additional machinery and equipment and by employing qualified staff to bring us further to our goal.

Now, from 2018, we can offer our clients experienced earthworks, drainage, plumbing and gas fitting services.

We have a great reputation and working relationship with our suppliers making us competitive contractors due to the services and supply we provide and the way we structured our company.

In detail Young Plumbing & Excavation offer experienced and proficient services in the following:

Machine Hire

  • 8T – Excavator
  • 5T – Excavator
  • 8T – Excavator
  • 14T – Excavator
  • 20T – Excavator
  • 5T – Bobcat
  • 5T – Bobcat
  • 5T – Tipper
  • 21T – Tipper


  • Rough In/Fit Offs
  • Gas Fitting
  • Fire Service
  • Backflow Prevention (tagged & tested)
  • Solar (Hot Water & Heat Pumps)
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves (tagged & tested)

Earthworks and Drainage

  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Land Cuts (Tree Removal)
  • House Demolition (Hydraulic Grabs)
  • Rock Breaking (Jack Hammer Attachments)
  • Pool Digs (Hydraulic Swing Arms)
  • Storm water
  • Sewer
  • Polyethylene Welding (sewer connections)
  • In-ground poly & concrete tanks

We are fully licensed in all of the services above plus full comprehensive insurance for our business and machinery

Our Tools of the Trade Include

Hilti Battery and Power Tools

Platform Ladders (all sizes)


Demolition Saws

Flexidrivers with Pumps and Vibrators

Specialised Plumbing Tools

Site Boxes

CCTV Pipe Camera

Upright and Pipe Lasers


Hilti Battery and Power Tools

HDPE and PE Welding Machines (Electrofusion and Buttwelding)

Upright Rammers and Compaction Plates

Roll Grooving Machines

Pressfit Crimping Tools

Confined Space Equipment